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Parallels Desktop 4 for Windows

Posted by essjae on October 6, 2009

I picked the upgrade of this up recently, (I had purchased the 2.0 version years ago) to give it a try and compare it to VMWare and VirtualBox.

My first impression is that you can see that it’s been polished like an Apple app, since that is where their focus has been for several years.  Also, it’s very easy to use, ala Mac products (Virtual PC 😉 ).

I was very impressed when installing a couple different distros of Linux.  Instead of having to jump through hoops with apt-get, uname, etc, to download and install all the necessary headers for the Tools, PD4 simply asks you if it should get the necessary files and installs them along with the Parallels tools.

One thing I am not too crazy about is the performance.  You have an option for host-oriented or VM-oriented, and depending on which you choose there is a very noticeable difference on the VM or host.

It’s definitely going to put more pressure on VMWare Workstation’s $190 price tag.

BTW, you can have Windows VPC, VirtualBox, VM Ware Workstation, and Parallel’s Desktop installed on the same computer, but you can’t run them concurrently with each other.  Doing so results in either a mild warning (you can’t do this, another VM product is running) to a BSOD.


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