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Windows has determined your computer is running slow…

Posted by essjae on October 13, 2009

Windows 7 just decided my computer was running slow and turned off Aero for me!?

Not really sure why it would think this, I wasn’t having any troubles and had approximately 8GB of 12GB free on my OC’d i7 920 @ 3.64GHz.

I went into the Personalization and selected an Aero theme and I’m back.  Very interesting.  I’ve not seen this message in the Beta or RC versions of Win7, both of which I did run on slower systems, or even my Dell Mini 9 with Win7Pro.


One Response to “Windows has determined your computer is running slow…”

  1. JP said

    I have similar specs (i7 920, 6GB memory, 2 4850 in crossfire, only VLC running) and the same message appears.

    Not a big deal, but glad to see that the issue isn’t limited to me.

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