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Internal Network VM to VM DHCP in WinVPC

Posted by essjae on October 15, 2009

There is a known issue with Windows Virtual PC when running DHCP server as a VM and trying to serve IPs to other VMs using the Internal Network option.  The official response from MS:

When you connect the virtual machines to internal network, it gets the IP address from the internal network inbuilt DHCP server.

There is a work-around fortunately:
* Hibernate/Turn off all the VMs. From Task Manager, kill vpc.exe if it doesn`t exit on its own.
* Edit %localappdata%\microsoft\Windows Virtual PC\options.xml
* In the XML file -> Under the “internal network” node: i.e. “preferences\Virtual Network id =0\virtual_server\dhcp\” , set enabled = false. (search for DHCP)
* Power on the VMs


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