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VMWare Player 3.0 no longer just a “player,” or maybe it’s now a “major player” in VM apps

Posted by essjae on November 5, 2009

The upcoming 3rd version of VMWare Player now allows users to create VMs, without the need for 3rd party add-ons.

Feature Highlights:

  • The ability to create Virtual Machines
  • Aero support for Windows 7 and Windows Vista guests!!!
  • OpenGL support for Windows guests (give Google Earth a try!)
  • New User Interface including a Virtual Machine Library
  • Windows 7 support (as a Host and Guest OS)
  • Automatically download and install the latest VMware Tools package
  • Multiple Monitor Support
  • Print from your VM without installing printer drivers. Virtual Printing courtesy of our friends at ThinPrint.
  • ALSA Sound support on Linux hosts enables multiple VMs to play “music” concurrently
  • VIX API support will let our coding fans write applications that can interact with their VMs

Not sure about OpenGL, I tried to run a couple older 3d games that use OpenGL on my new VMWare Workstation 7 and they error out on with OpenGL issues and want a driver update.

This is essentially a free version of Workstation…This is very interesting since I’d think it would significantly reduce the number of Workstation 7 sales.


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