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Ubuntu 9.10 works under Windows VPC (Sort of)

Posted by essjae on November 6, 2009

Thanks to Matthew Guay, Ubuntu 9.10 was found to work under WinVPC

More OSes that work in WinVPC:

Edit:  I haven’t had any success in getting this to work yet 😦

Edit2: I was able to get Ubuntu 9.10 to boot by using the old VPC2007/Ubuntu 9.04 trick:

On the first screen, choose [English].
Press [F4] and select [Safe Graphics].
Press [F6], press [Escape].  This will reveal the command line. Remove “quiet splash –“replace “vga=791 noreplace-paravirt” without the quotes.
Press [Enter] to start the installation.


2 Responses to “Ubuntu 9.10 works under Windows VPC (Sort of)”

  1. Mark McGinty said

    Awesome dude, thanks!

  2. NeAmico said

    Works for Ubuntu 11.4 with some grub changes
    Do the F4 trick with boot CD and run Ubuntu. Then install the os. Do not reboot afterwards. Mount virtual hdd and run terminal with the following:

    sudo mount -o bind /dev /media//dev
    sudo chroot /media// /bin/bash
    mount -t proc none /proc
    nano /etc/default/grub

    Then in the nano editor, replace “quiet splash” with “vga=788 noreplace-paravirt”, remove GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT line, save and exit. Use update-grub at the shell prompt then type: sync; exit; exit

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