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Google Apps Sync for Outlook gsync.dll error on x64 system

Posted by essjae on January 4, 2010

Anyway, my company just moved to Google Apps Premier for their email solution, sorry MS.  I’d been using the IMAP client for quite a while, but now that we’re Premier we get access to this new tool to sync your Outlook info with Google, which I then sync to my phone.

But, after importing 1GB of email I closed Outlook to come home, upon restarting Outlook, I got a gsync.dll error.


Fortunately, the solution is simple.  I copied the “C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Google Apps Sync” folder to “C:\Program Files\Google\Google Apps Sync” and added this path, “C:\Program Files\Google\Google Apps Sync,” to the system environment variables.  Note that the path for the (x86) folder was in the path, apparently Google Sync just doesn’t like 64 bits.

Thanks to the Google forums for the pieces of info I needed for this.

2 Responses to “Google Apps Sync for Outlook gsync.dll error on x64 system”

  1. citi said

    actually you just need to reboot.

  2. nullstein said

    You should not be copying a 64-bit version of Google Apps Sync to a 32-bit location of Program Files. If you eliminated all the other causes mentioned here:

    then the whole problem is indeed just a wrong PATH setting, where the “C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Google Apps Sync” needs to be IN FRONT OF anything else. I’ve noticed especially apps that are called from a network location in your corporate environment, requiring a PATH setting, do mess up the path to gsync32.dll. So, just make sure the Google Apps Sync setting in the PATH is in front of that stuff and you should have no further problems.

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