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iSlate/iTab obsessions?

Posted by essjae on January 8, 2010

Is it just the Bay Area?  What is the obsession for this rumored tablet, people keep saying to me that they’re going to purchase it , and use it do this and that on it, etc., etc!  Jobs distortion field must really be expanding.

There’s no official announcement from Apple.  There are no specs on the CPU, RAM, etc, so how can you already have made a purchasing decision on vaporware?

2 Responses to “iSlate/iTab obsessions?”

  1. Robz said

    So, when are you buying yours? = )

  2. essjae said

    Buy one? Maybe…but the iBook library would need to be very nice and cheap, no way I’m pay $8 for a digital book, when I can buy a used paperback for $2.
    If I get a Sonos audio system, possibly. The Sonos app for iPod Touch is kick-a**

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