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Goodbye AT&T+WinMo

Posted by essjae on March 11, 2010

Today I bought a Droid, after 7 years I’m leaving AT&T and 4 years WinMo.  I told the rep at AT&T that I felt that AT&T only cares about iPhone owners, where’s my lack of coverage app for WinMo?

After my 3rd HTC Fuze, I’ve given up.  Nothing like buying a brand new phone and getting a refurb to replace it. 

Maybe it was just a bad model by HTC, but after 4 years of WinMo phones, I can’t wait any longer for a phone I don’t need to reset every couple of days just to get my phone calls.

What’s next?  A MacBook to replace my Dell+Win7? Scary!


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