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Google Apps for Enterprise? – Boo!

Posted by essjae on April 12, 2010

I was really excited to move to Google Apps from our old email provider.  The pilot went great, the email storage, 25GB from 125MB was a huge boon for all our users.  This was my project, global email migration for the company.  I researched it, I championed it, fought for it, and finally got it approved.  Awesome!

Then Google decides it doesn’t like Chinese politics.  Great, only 80%+ of my company works in China.  Now, email doesn’t work reliably, webmail is completely blocked, etc.

Google’s advice: use VPN and connect to someplace outside of China.  All the problems are “local DNS issues”, and not Google’s.  Thanks! 

Google’s newest announcement: Moving from Gears to HTML5, so no more offline Docs!!!

Their take: “we’re temporarily removing support for offline access in Google Docs through Gears. We know offline access is important for some of you, and we’re working hard to bring a new and improved offline access option to Google Docs.” 

They know its important, but they’re still dropping it, no dates for resuming service…wow!

Thanks Google!  And, thank God the userbase almost revolted at the hint of replacing Microsoft Office so we didn’t roll out Google Docs! 

The biggest question about Google Apps from users: “I want to be able to access my stuff, email, docs, etc. if I am not connected to the Internet,” i.e. airplane, hotel, client site, etc.

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