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Virtualization Deal! Parallels Workstation 6 for $49.99

Posted by essjae on March 29, 2012

Want to test Windows 8, the new Metro UI, and see what everyone is talking about? You don‘t want to install the Preview on the computer you use every day because you need to stay productive.
We have the answer.
PC users across the country are testing Windows 8 using Parallels Workstation 6! Just install Parallels, download and install Windows 8 in a virtual machine, and you can test it without worry! What if the beta of Win 8 gets corrupted? No worries — just delete the virtual machine and start over with just a few clicks.
Parallels Workstation 6 lets you simultaneously run multiple OS configurations at the same time on Windows and Linux PCs, without rebooting.
Top features include:
• Windows-based & Linux-based applications on the same PC without rebooting
• Drag & drop, copy and paste, share files between Virtual Machines (VMs) as well as the host OS to simplify the movement of data
• Quick VM isolation from the host computer
• Automatically encrypt VMs to improve privacy and security
• Seamlessly move between virtual environments with SmartMouse features, adaptive hypervisor, cut and paste capabilities, shared folders and Windows drag and drop capabilities
And just for PC World readers, you can get Parallels Workstation 6 today for just $9.99!

The $9.99 deal is over, price is now only $49.99, $30 off the list of $79.99,

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