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Making Gmail more like Outlook

Posted by essjae on February 7, 2013

This has been a goal of mine for quite some time.  I found a great website here, that helped me finish up the details (circles “people widget” and the white space left behind when you remove the widget).

The best way is to:

  1. Use Chrome
  2. Enable the Labs feature of Chrome and use:
    1. Preview pane — this lets you view the message by selecting it
    2. Right-side chat — moves the chat to the right, freeing up your Labels column

The problem here is you still have the “People/Circles” thing next to your preview pane.  Here’s a quick overview.  Visit the link for the full details.

Remove the Person Widget (

  1. Go to the Gmail Gear settings menu
  2. Click the disable radio button under People Widget
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and Click Save

Remove the Person Widget White Space by Overriding Some CSS (

The extension is Personalized Web.

  1. Install Personalized Web
  2. Go to your Chrome Settings (3 stacked bars icon chromebars next to address bar) and then Tools–>Extensions
  3. Find Personalized Web and click options
  4. Now that it is in edit mode, add a new rule
    1. Name = Gmail
    2. URL =
    3. Add the following to the CSS field    

.Bu:nth-child(2) { display:none; }    

.Bu:nth-child(3) { display:none; }

5. Click Save

6. Refresh Gmail

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