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I am currently an Virtual Machine MVP.  I got my big start in virtualization when I was hired for my MS Windows background at the long-time Mac software company, Connectix, for their new product Virtual PC for Windows 4.  It’s also where I worked with the one and only VPC Guy.  Please note, I’m not a Microsoft employee.

I’m still in the IT business, working for an out-sourcing company.  Virtualization is now my hobby instead of my full-time job.

I’m still in the Bay Area with my spouse and dog.  I commute to work in downtown San Francisco on my Aprilia Futura.


7 Responses to “About”

  1. Akuma said

    Hi Steve!!
    Maybe you don’t remember me, I’m a Connectix VPC forum user that wrote a lot in the gold days of Connectix VPC.
    I’m happy to see that you continue around virtualization world and that you post about other technology systems in your blog.

    Nice to see you dude, and feel free to write me in reply to this post.


    • essjae said

      Hey Akuma,
      I do remember you!
      I am a little more open to alternative Vm solutions now 😉

      • Akuma said

        Yeah!! me too. Now I’m also open to any VM system and I must learn some Xen.

        Some glory days…


  2. Alex said

    Hey, I followed your step by step on installing Win 98SE to virtual pc and everything goes good until i get to mounting the iso or cd. I don’t have a cd of win98se but I thought it was in the zip file. Can you help me out? Thanks!!


    • essjae said

      Hi Alex,
      Sorry, Windows 98 is licensed software. I can’t give or distribute copies of it.

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