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Android 2.2 (Froyo) issues

Posted by essjae on August 25, 2010

Well, it seems that there are some issues with Froyo.  After my automatic update it seems that at random times my GMail accounts stop updating (not good since we use Google Apps at my company), I don’t get notifications for voicemails and my text messages don’t appear until after I power-cycle.

I am having flashbacks to my last WinMo phone


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Android 2.1 on Moto Droid

Posted by essjae on April 5, 2010

I got my 2.1 update this weekend. Other than the pinch-zoom thing, don’t see too much difference.  Pinch-zoom was already enabled from previous updates on a few apps, but it’s cool to have it in the browser now.

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Android 2.1 update available Thursday for Droid

Posted by essjae on March 17, 2010

Latest on the Motorola Droid Android 2.1 update

Although, I think I won’t be updated for several days since they’re rolling out in batches

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Goodbye AT&T+WinMo

Posted by essjae on March 11, 2010

Today I bought a Droid, after 7 years I’m leaving AT&T and 4 years WinMo.  I told the rep at AT&T that I felt that AT&T only cares about iPhone owners, where’s my lack of coverage app for WinMo?

After my 3rd HTC Fuze, I’ve given up.  Nothing like buying a brand new phone and getting a refurb to replace it. 

Maybe it was just a bad model by HTC, but after 4 years of WinMo phones, I can’t wait any longer for a phone I don’t need to reset every couple of days just to get my phone calls.

What’s next?  A MacBook to replace my Dell+Win7? Scary!

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Moto Droid 2.1 update, where are you? (Cliff Stoll was right)

Posted by essjae on March 9, 2010

Did anyone see that re-release of Clifford Stoll’s internet predictions article (

He laments not being able to search for the Battle of Trafagalar and find the date it happened.  The comments sections filled up with “I found it in .002 seconds on Google or wikipedia with Chrome.”  But, remember this was 1995, there was no Google, no Chrome, no Wikipedia, and NetScape Navigator was still 1.0.

Anyway, some of his predictions hold true.  I am finished with AT&T, HTC, and Windows Mobile 6.1.  There’s no 6.5 update for my Fuze in sight, and WinMo 7 looks interesting but I’m tired of not being able to answer my phone from WinMo bugs, not receiving calls from no reception, page after page of fatal WinMo errors that MS wants me to report, but never seem to be fixed, etc.

Not keen on an iPhone. 

So, I went in search of the Android 2.1 release date.   Guess what?  Even with Google, it was frustrating to find any relevant info.  The first two pages of Google results had the same, and incorrect, info that was released on Feb. 8th, that 2.1 was coming “this week.”

Finally, I dug down and found Moto’s official link:

With their less than helpful info:

“DROID – Android 2.1


  How can I get the latest Android 2.1 software?

There is a release coming, check back soon.”

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