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Mobile Apps: iPhone >> WinMo ?

Posted by essjae on January 5, 2010

I’m am always surprised at the perceptions about iPhone apps?  Really?  Didn’t Windows Mobile phones have apps 8-9 years ago?  Are there really less than 100,000 Windows Mobile apps after what nine years?  Handango lists 6247 “apps”, PocketGear lists 9201…but what about all the little guys that have some random “app” like the “flashlight”, “lightsaber,” and thousands of other freeware WM apps, SonicWall WinMo only VPN client, ViewCommander WinMo only app, etc? 

Can we ever know?  There’s no central place for WinMo apps…but googling for a specific function almost always yields a WinMo app.

One iPhone app I’d really like to see on Windows Mobile is AT&T’s app for no coverage.

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